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There is a big misconception of selling a home as an owner rather than utilize the services offered by a professional. Many home owners that are in the market to sell believe that they can save money by not using a realtor, but statistics show otherwise. On average a real estate agents can sell a homes at a 22% higher cost than FSBO homes according to the National Association for Realtors. This not only covers the realtor’s commission but gives the seller more profit. Here are a few more reasons to have a realtor list your home:

  • Offer extensive advertising and exposure to buyers. Realtors have the resources for wide publicizing through multiple internet websites and data bases. Savvy buyers will utilize a realtor for assisting them in the buying
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Getting a Jump Start on the Busy Season

Spring is one of the busiest seasons for buying and selling homes in the real estate market. But, in a college town that is multiplied with freshman coming into town and seniors moving away. There is no better time than now to get a jump start on your home search. Here are a few suggestions and tips to getting ahead of the spring rush.

1.) Research, research, research. Find a realtor that fits your needs. Find someone who pays close attention to the specifics and is there to be helpful. Also, know the specifics to location, neighborhoods, school districts, work proximities, floor plans, size of yards, etc. 

2.) Loans. Visit your bank and see what kind of loans are available and what you can be approved for.

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